Artisan-crafted garden windmills in diverse designs - adding handmade charm and whimsy to your outdoor sanctuary. Pendle Windmills
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Windmills are available in 105cm - 135cm - 165cm
Handcrafted wooden garden windmills in various sizes and designs - the perfect blend of beauty and functionality for your outdoor space

Weather Resistant & Rotating Sails

CUSTOMER: Monica & Terry, Happy with their new windmill they even added a solar light inside to make the windmill standout at night

"Crafted from sustainably sourced, premium-quality wood, each windmill showcases the natural richness and character of the timber. The careful selection of materials ensures not only the windmill's durability but also its eco-friendliness, harmonising with nature's grace and leaving a minimal footprint on the environment"

Many Designs and Sizes: Garden Windmills for a Captivating Outdoor Retreat

"Beyond its ornamental allure, this handmade garden windmill is also a functional treasure. The spinning motion aids in aerating the surrounding area, promoting a healthier and more vibrant garden. As it harnesses the power of the wind to bring life and vitality to your outdoor space, it embodies the essence of sustainable living"

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Handcrafted wooden windmills - rustic garden decor that adds charm and movement to your outdoor space from Pendle Windmills