About Pendle Windmills

Welcome to Pendle Windmills,

Our Polish family tradition working with natural forest wood for over 30 years! our craftsmanship, friendly family run business, we want to bring something unique, something different & amazing to your home and commercial gardens here in the UK.   

Our garden ornaments are handmade using the highest quality natural wood obtained from the Masurian Polish forests from northeastern Poland, our products are handmade from our facility in Poland and distributed from Poland to the UK, we provide various sizes and designs of wooden garden windmills to suit each home or commercial gardens.    

You will not find any garden windmills like ours in any major garden centers anywhere in the UK.   

Our Passion:  

Our family passion for wood working have been providing our natural wooden garden ornaments for home and commercial gardens around the UK and Europe.  

As a family friendly run business, we like to make sure all our customers are happy with our products and we want you all to be happy displaying your amazing windmills in your gardens.   

We appreciate all our customers who send us pictures of there beautiful gardens with your displayed windmills, we highly appreciate :)   

Please feel free to contact  

For sales, product information, or general product enquiries, wholesale,  please contact Pendle Windmills: Contact Pendle Windmills

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